Bathroom Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 30, 2010

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everyday bathroom etiquette

Unless you live alone and plan on living alone for the rest of your days, bathroom etiquette is extremely important. Most fights between couples occur over things that happen in the bathroom.

Let us start first with the toilet. The lid belongs down (and that means the seat has to, as well). This is not being stated in support of all of the women out there; it is because when the toilet is flushed, millions of bacteria particles are released into the air if the lid is up. So, for hygenic reasons, keep the lid down. There – that argument is forever solved now. Always flush the toilet. You are not doing anything in there that anyone needs to see. If you are that proud of it, take a picture and then flush. If you use all of the toilet paper, put a new roll on. And no, leaving one little square of tissue that is 70% super glued to the cardboard roll does not count as you not finishing the roll. If, after you have used the bathroom, it smells a little…less than pristine, use room spray, or even perfume in an emergency, to help out the next person in there. Always wash your hands. The bathroom is a landmine of germs. After washing your hands, do not throw the hand towel haphazardly on the counter; hang it up where you got it. To conserve energy, turn the light off when you leave. The bathroom is no longer occupied and is ready for its next visitor thanks to your fabulous bathroom etiquette!

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