Take the Risk Out of Trying Beauty Product Samples!

by Claire Valenty on August 30, 2010

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Don’t want to catch pink eye from trying on a new color of eye shadow at your favorite department store?  Reading this article will help you learn how to minimize the risks!

Most beauty products are expensive and all promise to make you more gorgeous, wrinkle-free and to cure what ails you, all packaged in a neat, little container. As a result, no one wants to buy a beauty product without trying it out first to see if it can really do what it claims. This is why stores provide samples and testers of their products so you can “try before you buy”. However, many do not know proper beauty product sampling etiquette, which can lead to the spread of bacteria. Here is what you can do to ensure you are not only following proper beauty product sampling etiquette, but, also preventing the spread of germs if you work in a store that provides testers for your customers.
  • Do not stick your finger in a product to try it. This includes body creams, eye shadow, lip gloss, etc. The stores should provide either a little paddle to scoop out the cream with or disposable make-up brushes to try the products out.
  • Do not double dip with the paddle or make-up brush!
  • If you are getting your make-up applied professionally, ask your make-up artist if they cleaned their brushes prior to beginning their work on you. You might think this would offend them, but, a good make-up artist will be pleased you asked, because it shows you know the importance of clean brushes (one make-up artist told me that someone in the biz once gave Gwen Stefani pink eye from a dirty brush)! If your make-up artist gets offended, then decline the make over!

If the store you are shopping at does not have the proper testing utensils available for you to use, then move on to another store. The chance you are taking with your health is not worth the risk!

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