Business Email Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 23, 2010

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business email etiquette

Electronic communication, although a relatively new concept, has evolved an amazingly complex set of etiquettes. And rightly so! Because they are so easy and efficient, E-mails can be abused with minimum hassle.

Email is usually the first contact between a company and its prospective clients. Following good Business Email Etiquette, you can make sure that you will gain your contacts attention and a competitive edge in the market. Every organization needs to implement Good Business Email Etiquettes to convey a professional and efficient working environment.

Remember, business email is designed to be a proficient, effective and result- oriented way of getting a response in timely manner. What does that mean? Don’t beat around the bush! Get to the point early and keep your email short. But then there is the other end of this line; some people totally avoid greetings and don’t even bother adding their own comments when forwarding emails. This may give a bad impression to the receiver. They may think that the sender gives much more importance to his own time.

Also, make sure there aren’t any grammatical errors. It’s OK to type “Can I c u 2day?”, if emailing your friends. But using this language in business emails can spell disaster for your professional image.

In addition, take care of the following Business Email Etiquettes when writing your Business Email:

* Don’t leave the Subject line blank. Create a proper one as many people don’t open emails that are missing their subject.
* Instead of using the CC: option and advertising the email addresses of everyone on your receivers list, utilize the Bcc:, your recipients will only see their and your email ID’s.
* If angry don’t reply to an email right away, instead take your time to relax and think through to a proper response.
* Make sure your signature is short and typo free.
* Avoid using too many colors, emoticons (yes, even the cute ones!), and fancy backgrounds.
* Never include any sensitive information. You never know who is reading!

Happy Emailing!

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