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by Claire Valenty on January 23, 2010

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Companies spend millions of dollars every year to attractively design and package their products. Why? To sell them of course! Consider your self the ultimate marketing package, now honestly answer: are you putting your best foot forward to attract potential employers, customers and clients? Can you convince people to do business with you just by the pull of your personality and grace?

There is always some room for improvement in everyone and the ever- evolving corporate culture of today is constantly keeping us at our feet. To better understand the intricacies of business manners, business etiquette training is being offered all over US and the world.

If you are a manager, starting to rise up the ladder or a cross-cultural globe trotter visiting foreign countries on business trips regularly, you must have at sometime felt the need for a better understanding of what to do in tough social situations.

Business etiquette training will not only help you become more confident in everyday business settings but also positively differentiate you from the competition. These training classes provide the attendees with an in-depth understanding of beliefs and norms of the culture they are studying.

In many workshops, business etiquette training also includes guidance of:

* Guidance on office dressing,
* Successfully surviving business lunches/dinners,
* Conducting meetings and negotiations,
* The art of self-introduction and introduction of others,
* Corporate hospitality classes
* Appropriate gift-giving in corporate settings
* Fine tuning your telephone, email and conference call skills.

In short, etiquette training is indispensible for anyone wishing to get ahead of everyone else. With poise and polish, of course!

But its not all business, attending these training sessions can give you a valuable networking opportunity. You can practice the skills being learned in the class with colleagues. But if that’s not your cup of tea, many experts offer one on one multiple day sessions about business etiquettes. Believe it or not executives from huge multinational companies have hired them to brush up on their manners.

To make a winning and lasting last impression, you must try to excel at being your best. With good Etiquette training you can develop some valuable social skills and reap benefits for a long time!

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