Business Travel Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 23, 2010

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business travel etiquette

While traveling by air, who hasn’t been through it? As soon as you are comfortably seated, the passenger in front slams the backseat against your knees into full recline position! Or the children in the back seat start kicking your seat and their parents are completely oblivious to the situation! Yes we have all been through it. In order to maneuver out of these situations successfully business travel etiquettes give us some clear directions.

While checking in, please take off anything (watches, bracelets etc) that might set off the alarm BEFORE you get to the table. It will save everyone lots of time.

When boarding a plane, don’t hoard the aisle! If you really need to take off your jacket, do it in the seat row. Take care not to place your luggage over someone else’s suit coat in the overhead compartment.

When travelling for business always dress up as if you are going to run in to some one important! It shows your respect for everyone involved, from the check in staff to the cabin crew. After all it’s their office space and would you go to a client’s office dressed like a slob?

You need ONE carry bag! Don’t make it too big, otherwise it will be very frustrating for you and those around you on the plane, when you try to push it into someone else’s overhead compartment. Don’t take maximum luggage into the plane with you; trust me instances of luggage being lost are extremely rare.

Business travel etiquettes also tell us to use the reclining seats very sparingly. I mean you don’t need to recline ALL the way back to get comfortable. Personal space on airlines is very precious. Just take what you need! And please sit upright when eating your food like your mother told you to!

Yes, it’s ok to travel with all your gadgets. But don’t expect the person next to you to give up their space for your laptop and files. It’s a general rule that the person in the middle seat gets both armrests!

Your Attitude also matters. Apply these business travel etiquettes, be considerate and thoughtful of everyone’s needs; and you will in no time become an expert traveler.

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