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Dating is extremely difficult and frustrating, especially as you get older. No matter how much your married friends try to tell you that they would LOVE to be dating again and how you must be having the time of your life and they are so jealous, you know the truth. Dating is just a never ending revolving door of people with dissimilar tastes, bad manners, poor hygiene and even worse conversation skills. It is in your best interest to hone your dating etiquette skills so when you do find the perfect mate, you blow them away with how great you are, getting you off the dating merry-go-round! As an added bonus, having great dating etiquette skills means that even if you do not click with your date, you do not become someone else’s dating horror story!

As with everything, there is a cycle to dating. There is the first date (which is more often than not, also the last date), the second date, the settled into dating stage, the fighting stage, the make up stage, the break up stage and the we hate each other but we have kids so what do we do now? stage. We have tips for you for every step of the way to ensure that in the heat of the moment, you keep your wits, and manners, about you! We even are able to offer you a little insight for how to handle the ultimate forever date: marriage. So, sit back, grab a glass of wine and get ready to relearn all you thought you knew about dating!

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