Dress Etiquette

We all know the “no shirt, no service” rule, but, what are some other rules when it comes to dress etiquette? If we are attending an event, the invitation should offer up a helpful dress code such as “semi-formal”, “formal”, or “summer casual”, but, really, what the heck do those mean? If you are starting a new job and they say the attire is “business casual”, will you properly attire yourself for your first day? If you wear a hat, be it a baseball cap to a stove pipe one like Abe Lincoln, are you taking it off at the appropriate times? Are you taking it off when you really do not have to?

And what about special occasions? If you are attending a white tie event, should you wear a white tie? If you’re asked to wear a kilt to your best friend’s Scottish themed wedding, do you have a clue what type of sporran you should bring? Do you even know what a sporran is?

It is very important to get a grasp on proper dress etiquette. Try as we might to deny it, we are judged by our dress style. Have you ever been at a party where your night was ruined because you just didn’t feel like you dressed right for the occasion? Never have that problem again after you check out this section! Not only will we help you get the basics, but, also show you ways to jazz up the look without crossing the line to make you stand out in a good way!

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