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by Claire Valenty on June 20, 2010

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everyday cellphone etiquette

A cell phone etiquette guide should be sold with every cell phone, but, since that isn’t reality, we’re here to rescue you from embarrassment from improper cell phone usage!

It used to be that only rich people that drove fancy cars had cell phones; and most of those people didn’t use them as the phone were the size of a brick.  But, as technology has made cell phones pocket-sized and cheaper, everyone has them (including little kids, which, I think is totally weird).  You have all seen the complete disregard most people show those around them when engaging in incredibly private conversations at the top of their voice.  Don’t be one of those people!   When using your cell phone, keep these top etiquette tips in mind:

  • NUMBER ONE RULE: Do not use a cell phone in a restaurant or intimate setting.  Excuse yourself and take the call outside, or, if you’re somewhere in close quarters, like public transportation, text, instead.  No one wants to hear your conversation.  If you do have to hold a quick conversation, speak quietly.
  • When in public, make sure you are at least ten feet away from everyone else when using your cell phone.
  • When on a date, in a meeting, or conversing with someone, your cell phone is off limits.  If you are using your cell phone to check a score, your voicemail, the time or to send a text, you are telling the other person loud and clear that they are not holding your interest.
  • Do not set your phone ring level to Def-Con 9.  It is startling to those around you when it rings, not to mention, very annoying.  If you have trouble hearing, most phones these days have a vibrating feature you can activate for when the phone rings.
  • Don’t text or talk on your cell phone while driving.  It is illegal in most states for a reason; it really isn’t safe and you know it.
  • Don’t text in a movie theater.  That little blue light is annoying to everyone around you.
  • Double-check that your phone is on vibrate/silent when going into a meeting, movie theater or another setting where you don’t want your phone going off.  Better safe than embarrassed!
  • Do not use your cell phone or turn it on during a flight.  Yes, it is debatable about whether or not phones actually interfere with the planes’ computer systems, but, rules are rules and are there for a reason.  Even if that only reason is so you don’t have to spend a six hour flight surrounded by people non-stop yakking about nothing to no one the entire flight.

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