Corsage Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on May 29, 2010

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dress corsage etiquette

Everyone knows corsage etiquette, right?  Your date brings you a corsage for your prom, dance, wedding, whatever, and then…um, where does it go again?  And when do you get it?  Never fear!  The etiquette guide is here to help you out!

Let’s break down corsage etiquette.   First things first: make sure you know what color outfit your date is wearing.  She no doubt spent hours upon hours coordinating every minute detail of her outfit from her dress, shoes, jewelry, purse, hair pins, etc.  If you show up with a corsage that clashes, she can not, being the proper young lady that she is, decline your corsage.  So, in essence, you have ruined her outfit and therefore her night.  Let’s avoid that, shall we?  Ladies, if it is getting close to the big day and your date has not asked what color your outfit is, save yourself from a potential nightmare by making it a point to mention the color of your outfit and that you want everything to match perfectly.  Then repeat “match perfectly” several times until you think he has gotten it.  Then mention it ten times more.

Back to the men: now that you know the color scheme you are going for, most of your hard work is over.  Go to any florist about a week before your event (as they get super busy around prom/dance events, which is usually the only time you would need a corsage).  You will need to decide if you are getting her a wrist corsage or a corsage to pin on her dress.  Either or will do; go with your gut (or what she told you).  Pick the corsage up on your way to your date’s house and bring it in with you when you pick her up.  No, honking in the drive way for her to come out is not the proper way to pick her up.  Go to the door!     If you got her a wrist corsage, it goes on her left wrist.  If you are pinning the corsage to her dress, it goes on her left side with the flowers going upwards and the stem down.  Just don’t accidentally stab her with the pin.   Mission accomplished!

PS – A corsage is for fancy events.  Unless you want to make a unique impression upon your date with your gentlemanly skills by presenting her with a corsage when you are taking her out to the movies.  And since sarcasm doesn’t translate well in print, by “unique impression”, I mean, she’s totally going to think you are some psycho stalker who kisses a photo of her each night before you go to bed.  And if you still don’t see anything wrong with that, in plain English…nix the corsage.

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Joyce April 20, 2017 at 9:28 pm

Is is appropriate to wear a corsage as the guest of honor for a retirement party

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