Country Dancing Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on July 6, 2010

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everyday country dance etiquette

Our article on Country Dancing Etiquette will have you two-stepping in no time (and, we don’t mean stepping on two other people’s feet)!

Yee Haw!  Let’s hit that dance floor and do-si-do!  Just because country line dancing is fun to watch and perform and tends to be held in a casual atmosphere does not mean it is free from the rules of etiquette.  Hence, we give you Country Dancing Etiquette!

Let’s start with the basics: if you don’t really know what you are doing, stick to the outside.  If you know the routine like a pro and/or are taking it up a notch and bringing in swing dancing, you should either be in the middle or outer corners.   Traditionally, the men set the pace and stride of the dance, decide when to change step and gracefully lead their partner through the steps (never pulling or pushing – I said “gracefully”).   Back in the day, when women were scarce (although, if you ask some of my single guy friends, they are still scarce), men of the old west used to hold “stag” dances where men who were clean shaven were deemed to be the “women” dance partners for the night.  Sometimes, they would wear a handkerchief around their arm “branding” them as the “heifers”.  So, as we have come full circle and these days, it can be man-woman, man-man or woman-woman dancing, y’all decide who’s leading and the other follows!

If you haven’t tried country dancing before, don’t be scared – throw your hat in the ring!  Just watch everyone else until you get the moves down and try to stay out of their boot scootin’ way until you’re a pro!

Photo: wikimedia commons/Deirdre

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