Customized Stamps – A Do or a Don’t on your Wedding Envelopes?

by Claire Valenty on January 13, 2011

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These days, you can customize everything at your wedding.  Your aisle runner can bear your wedding date.  The DJ can shine a swirling light with your initials on the dance floor.  Your toasting glasses can be engraved with your names.  Is there no limit to it all?  When does customization go over board?

There are two types of stamps in question when it comes to the envelopes your wedding invitations are sent out in: the stamp the post office charges to send the invitation; and the return address stamp.

Post Office Stamp

Creating a customized stamp for your wedding invitations is cute and trendy right now.  There are quite a few on-line companies that will take care of this for you.  The most important thing is to remember to ensure the site is registered with the post office and you are getting real stamps!

To make this customization a “wow” factor and not a “tacky” factor, make sure you design your stamp to fit your wedding’s theme.  You did not spend hours, maybe even days, agonizing over the proper paper to print your invitation on only to stick a corny picture of you and your fiancé on the beach last summer with your dog on the envelope.  However, if your wedding is a casual, beach themed affair and the invitation and paper match that, your beach picture would be perfect.   To keep it simple, though, thinking classy will help you stay away from trashy!

If you do not want to design your own, the post office already has wedding themed stamps.  Just make sure you use the proper postage for your invitation and the RSVP card (the invitation will weigh more and therefore cost more to mail).

Return Address Stamp

Again, as long as the customized return address stamp fits in with the wedding and invitation theme, it is perfectly acceptable.

Return address stamps can either be stamps you get made up and you hand stamp each envelope, or, they can be preprinted, sticky labels.  Do not use just any old labels you got for free in the mail for making a donation to some charity!   Put the same amount of effort into designing them as you did designing every other aspect of your wedding.  The little things do count to create an overall effect!

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