10 Etiquette Tips on Declining a Date

by Claire Valenty on May 17, 2010

in Dating Etiquette

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Been asked out and want to laugh in the other person’s face?  Don’t do it!  When declining a data it’s important to use the right tools so no one get’s emotionally hurt!  One day, you might ask out someone who says no, and you’re going to hope they know these tips:

We have all been there before: that dreaded situation where someone you absolutely would not go out on a date with in a million, make that a trillion years has just asked you out.  It is a horrible place to be.  However, I am sure some of you have also been on that other end, where you are absolutely clueless and are asking out someone because you have read their signals so completely wrong.  You probably would want to save face if that was you, right?  The easiest way for you to do that would be if that person had been schooled in declining a date etiquette.  So, read up, those who turn down dates often; karma will get you in the end!  Here are the Top 10 Tips on Declining a Date Etiquette.

1.      Do Not Avoid the Situation. You are just postponing the inevitable; nip it in the bud right away.

2.      Do Not Laugh. It takes balls to ask someone out!

3.      Be Gracious. Thank the person and say you are flattered that they think of you in that way, but you are not interested.  Keep it simple; the more you waffle on the more it will make them feel rejected.

4.      Be Honest. Unless you or someone you know is never ever going to see this person, do not lie about why you do not want to go on the date.  If you say you already have a significant other or you will be out of the country for the next six months, the truth will eventually make its way back to that person and they will be very hurt.  If you really are seeing someone else, it is perfectly ok to say so.

5.      Don’t Say Yes if You’re Going to Cancel Later.

6.      Tying in with above: Don’t Give a Fake Number.

7.      Smile. Keep it upbeat!  The asker knew going in there was a chance you’d say no.  It’s ok!

8.      Stay Firm. Some people can’t take no for an answer.  Don’t be forced into a date because they wear you down!

9.      Don’t Hold it Over Them. If this is someone you remain friends with, there’s no need to say, “Remember that time you asked me out and I said no?” all the time.

10.  Don’t Blab. Not everyone under the sun needs to know the person asked you out and turned them down.

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Kathleen April 18, 2012 at 3:50 am

All good points, but you kept losing me because you need a better editor. Other than typos, words missing, possessive where none needed, etc., this was to the point.

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