Dinner Invitation Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 29, 2010

in Table Manners

table invitation etiquette

Dinner invitation etiquette is dictated by the level of formality of your dinner party. The more formal an event, the more formal the invitation should be.

Regardless of the method or type of invitation, the basic information to include is:

* Date
* Time
* Location
* Dress code (goes in the bottom right hand corner on the more formal invitations)
* If the guest is able to bring a +1
* If the guests are expected to bring a dish/their own drinks (BYOB) or contribute time/money/in any other way (a charity function where there is a donation per plate, perhaps)
* RSVP information (goes in bottom left hand corner on the more formal invitations)

If the dinner party is casual, a phone call invitation, email or evite is perfectly suitable according to dinner invitation etiquette standards. In the hectic world we leave in, where schedules are often made far in advance to accommodate everything, a follow up phone call, email or reminder is always a good idea as the date draws closer.

If the event is more formal, a printing house can create invitations for you, or, to save money, you can purchase invitations from a stationary store and print them out at home (they will look just as good!). As the formality of the event increases, so should the details of the invitation: the paper weight should be heavier; the font should be in a more artistic style; the boarder should be more classic vs. “fun”; and the wording of the invitation should be more official (“Mrs. Smith requests the honor of your presence at her dinner party to be held on the sixteenth of November at six o’clock…”).

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jenny February 21, 2012 at 7:29 pm

We are doing a retirement party outside of the office for our boss and we are planning this at a local restaurant. On the invite we are putting a dinner choice, but we aren’t sure on how to word you have to pay for your own dinner. Help please

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