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by Claire Valenty on July 24, 2010

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everyday driving etiquette

Remember when you were so excited to get your driver’s license?  My, how the shine has warn off as we sit in traffic and curse at other drivers.  Perhaps, if everyone brushes up on their driving etiquette, the thrill of speeding along the freeway will come back…at least until rush hour hits!

Driving etiquette is something everyone claims to have, but, one quick trip to the grocery store proves driving etiquette is rarely followed on the roads these days!  The top ten driving etiquette tips that can prevent furious road rage are listed below.

  • Do not text message when you are driving.  While I don’t necessarily agree with the no talking while driving rule many states have imposed, we all know it is impossible to keep your eyes on the road while texting.  Every single time I see someone driving all over the road, once I get up next to them, it’s obvious it’s because they’re texting.
  • Unless you absolutely can not see through your windshield, driving etiquette states you wait until you reach a complete stop before using your windshield wiper spray.  There’s nothing worse than being so proud of your freshly washed car, only to have some jerk in front of you clean their windshield and have their grime come flying into your car.
  • A driving etiquette rule that is rarely followed is: do not slow down near an accident.  You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Same goes for a cop pulling someone over.  You being a lookey-loo is doing nothing but causing the traffic to slow and could cause another accident – you probably aren’t going to see anything.
  • The far left lane (or right lane, if you live in one of those countries) is for fast cars.  If people are passing you on the right, MOVE OVER!
  • Driving etiquette states: don’t tailgate.  Not only will you piss off the person in front of you, prompting them to “brake test” you (where they slam on their brakes for no reason, giving you a heart attack as you narrowly miss rear ending them, which, btw, would be your fault), but keeping a three second gap between you and the car ahead of you is just smarter and safer.  You never know what the road ahead will bring, but, you can see it a lot better if you’re not up someone’s you know what.
  • Turn your brights off when another car is approaching.
  • Don’t be a dick – letting other cars merge is an important part of driving etiquette.  One day, very soon, karma will get you back if you don’t.  If someone lets you merge, give them the hand wave as thanks. However, if you don’t get a hand wave when you let someone merge, don’t get too angry.  You were doing it out of the kindness of your heart; not for the rewards.
  • And speaking of merging; when merging onto freeways, that merging ramp is there to allow you to get up to the freeway speed before you actually hit the freeway.  Merging while going 20 mph is poor driving etiquette.
  • Use your turn signals.  Not only do they let people know that you’re trying to merge, but, it can help avoid an accident with someone in your blind spot (& motorcycle riders!).
  • Don’t crowd bicyclists.  They have their own driving etiquette: biker etiquette.

Unless you’re driving a Maserati, driving is a pain in the butt filled with traffics, red lights and potentially, the loss of your life.  If everyone followed these driving etiquette rules, we would all get where we need to go safely and on time!

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