Elevator Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 30, 2010

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everyday elevator etiquette

Going up? Ground floor, please. Where are you? You’re in an elevator, usually with your body pressed up very closely against a stranger’s. This is where proper elevator etiquette can not only make you look good, but, by others following it, can make life easier for you, too!

* When getting on the elevator, don’t bum rush the doors the second they open. Allow the current passengers to get out of the elevator. Then you may get on.
* Always face the door of the elevator; don’t enter a crowded elevator and stare at the previous elevator inhabitants like a weirdo.
* If you see someone running for the elevator door, don’t subtly reach down and press the “door close” button like a mad man. Be kind to your fellow traveler and hold the door for them. That might be you running for the elevator in a mad dash one day; karma will come back to haunt you!
* If the elevator isn’t crowded, keep to your corner. No need to get all touchy feely with someone when there is plenty of space for you to stand in one corner and them in another.
* Don’t start a conversation with a stranger in the elevator; the person literally has no means of escape and can’t help but feel cornered into continuing the small talk, even if they have no desire to, which, in turn, sends out negative vibes in association with you.
* Elevator etiquette states when talking with your friends in the elevator or on the phone, don’t forget you are completely surrounded by people who are eavesdropping (even if they don’t want to, how can you not when someone is talking three inches from your ear?) and besides, it’s just rude. Not only do you need to consider the people in the elevator, but, those waiting outside the elevator doors on each floor; they may be able to hear your conversation, too.

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Linda Kight October 2, 2010 at 7:09 pm

Thank you for this site. It is wonderful!! I have just found it, but I am sure I will be a regular user now. I have so many questions about etiquette. NOW I WILL FIND THE ANSWERS!!!

Thank you,

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