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by Claire Valenty on January 30, 2010

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As equality amongst the sexes has become a hot topic, etiquette for girls seems to have gone by the way side. In the interest of raising strong, independent little girls, parents sometimes overlook the important little nuances that make girls…girls. This is not to say women are the weaker sex or should behave in a meek fashion, but, there are definitely some great tips on etiquette for girls you can pass on to your little one:

* It is ok to let a man/boy open the door for you. Walk through it and always say thank you.
* Learn how to take a compliment. Women are too quick to shoot down a compliment as we are raised to be modest. It is much more polite to accept the compliment with a simple, “Thank you” and a smile and move on, as opposed to telling the person that gave you the compliment that they are horribly mistaken and they must be blind because, no, you do not have pretty eyes.
* Do not be “that girl” at the bar. Yes, everyone can get tipsy and have a good time and everyone loves a girl that is one of the guys, but, know your limits and don’t take it too far. Being an out of control drunk screams the opposite of “lady like”.
* This is the golden ticket tip: if you are a completely independent female, sometimes, pretending you are incapable of opening a pickle jar and fawning over your man after he takes care of that hard task for you will get you more brownie points with him than you can ever imagine…

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