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by Claire Valenty on January 30, 2010

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Etiquette invitations-wise can make or break your planned event. The invitation sets the tone for your soiree and the level of formality and the type of party you are having should be reflected in the invitation. It would be quite inappropriate to receive an invitation for your friend’s son’s 5th birthday party with a picture of a half-naked woman on the front stating and a headline screaming, “Boys’ Night Out”. Likewise, how excited would you be to attend a bachelorette party when the invitation is handwritten on a 3×5 card – how boring! An invitation not only conveys information about your event; it “sells” it. Do not underestimate this great marketing tool! Get creative and keep the design on topic.

Regardless of the method or type of invitation, the basic information to include is:

* Date
* Time
* Location
* Dress code (goes in the bottom right hand corner on the more formal invitations)
* If the guest is able to bring a +1
* If the guests are expected to bring a dish/their own drinks (BYOB) or contribute time/money/in any other way (a charity function where there is a donation per plate, perhaps, or a weekend away where hotel fees will need to be paid)
* RSVP information (goes in bottom left hand corner on the more formal invitations)

For those of you receiving invitations, it is always proper etiquette invitations-wise to RSVP before the deadline, whether you are planning on attending or not. It shows you are a very considerate person!

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