The Bathroom Etiquette Quiz

by Claire Valenty on October 23, 2010

It’s kind of ironic – everyone has to use the bathroom, and yet no one talks about it. As a result, etiquette around this necessary act can sometimes be a little cloudy. Do you really know what to do when you really gotta go? Take our 10 question quiz and find out!

1. Is it poor etiquette to use the handicap stall in a public restroom?

2. Women have been nagging men to put the toilet seat down for as long as toilet seats have been around. Why should the men obey?

3. When is it appropriate to not flush the toilet?

4. You have finished doing your duty (or, in this case, doody) and there is only one square of toilet paper left. Before leaving the bathroom, you should:

5. What is the number one rule for male bathroom etiquette?

6. Frank really needs to go #1 while at the baseball game. He goes into the bathroom and every urinal is taken and every stall is full. A man right in the middle of the urinals leaves. What should Frank do?

7. As a mother, when your son turns what age, does etiquette state you should you stop taking him into the ladies' room?

8. What is a huge complaint of the restrooms at most large companies?

9. Good bathroom etiquette states you do what when you see a pregnant woman in line for the bathroom behind you?

10. You have just finished doing your business at a high scale restaurant. You wash your hands and are about to reach for a paper towel, when the bathroom attendant beats you to it. Do you need to tip the attendant?

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