Everyday Etiquette Quiz

by Claire Valenty on October 23, 2010

Yes, it is important to be polite and on our best behavior when we’re in “special” circumstances. Really, though, we should be doing this every single day! How do you rate in your day to day etiquette? Take our 10 Question Everyday Etiquette Quiz and find out!

What is the number one etiquette rule of surfing (as in waves, not the internet)?

You sneeze and your friend hands you one of their cloth handkerchiefs. You:

Which of the following is true in regards to escalator etiquette?

It's your first attempt at country line dancing. You should stand:

It's Jimmy's turn to bowl. On his left, in the other lane, it's Tom's turn to bowl. In the lane to Jimmy's right, it is Sandra's turn to bowl. Who goes first?

You have a horrible cold and you're bed ridden. But, instead of sleeping, you're cursing your neighbor, who's playing his video game system super loud. You look at the clock: it's 6 pm. You should:

As a member of a church choir, why is it poor etiquette to miss a rehearsal?

Which reason below is not the reason most people join an internet dating site?

You are a modern, independent woman. You are walking into the bank; a gentleman leaving the bank holds the door open for you. You:

You're at the gym working on your awesome pecs by doing an intense set of chest presses. When you stand up, you notice that you sweat all over the bench. You:

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