Flag Etiquette Quiz

by Claire Valenty on October 21, 2010

Nothing shows your devotion to your country or sport’s team like flying their flag. And nothing broadcasts your ignorance more broadly than flying your flag incorrectly. Think you’re a flag pro? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

In regards to a boat, what type of flag is the "ensign"?

When entering a foreign port, what flag should be flown?

If a California school wants to display the state flag as well as the US flag, how should they do it?

Knowing that the nation's flag should be flown highest, how does the United Nations represent all of their members (made up of many different nations) through their flags?

What is one of the things flying a flag upside down could signify?

How should an old American flag be disposed of?

Is it acceptable to use the US flag for decoration?

What do the red and white stripes on the US flag represent?

You work at City Council and your task each evening is to lower the city's flag, the state's flag and the US flag. They should be taken down in what order?

What does a white and blue flag being flown on a boat signify?

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