International Business Etiquette Quiz

by Claire Valenty on October 21, 2010

The expansion of real-time communication and electronic advances throughout the globe has shrunk the marketplace. How you behave when dealing with a customer or future business partner in another country can make or break your company. Ensure you are at the top of your business game and test your skills with our quiz!

You are attending a meeting in Russia. Your host offers you vodka, but, you have a headache and don't feel like drinking. You should:

While conducting business Down Under it is best to:

While conducting business in India, you should greet your business partner with:

While attending a meeting in China, you are given a business card. You should:

You have just walked into a business meeting in South Korea. You approach the business person with the higher status and:

Being able to speak German is not necessary when conducting business meetings in Germany, but, it can be fun! When asking, "How are you?" during a German business meeting, you should say:

You are a woman attending a business meeting in Singapore. You notice that one of the men from the Singapore team is wearing a tie in a pattern you absolutely love. You:

Conducting business in America is fast paced. As a result:

Which of the following statements is false concerning conducting business in France?

While attending a business meeting in Korea, you offer your counterpart a gift. They refuse. You should:

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Gregory McCoy October 28, 2014 at 10:03 pm

Finally, I got an opportunity to take the quiz and surprisingly without any knowledge of International Culture, my score was 6 out of 10 and stated that I was competent. It was very interesting seeing the correct answers on the different cultures that I got wrong, such as: How do you say How are you in German “Wie Geht es ihnen”, The French want you to speak loud to show you know what you are talking about, in Korea, after you offer your counterpart a gift and they refuse it, you should make another attempt, and in China, when given a business card you should place it some where safe only after admiring its details. Very Interesting.

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