Netiquette 101 Quiz

by Claire Valenty on October 14, 2010

You’re a part of all the latest trends: Twitter; YouTube; Email; Facebook – but, is your mass communication just showing even more people than before just how rude you are? Check out your netiquette skills with our quiz!


When updating your Facebook or Twitter status, it is important to remember:

Which statement is not true about iPad etiquette?

Texting and driving is illegal in most states because:

Your child is away at college. You have a Facebook account and try to friend request them. They refuse. You should:

Which of the following is false when it comes to sending emails?

You've been waiting to hear if you got the job you just applied for. You're at the movies when you get a text message letting you know you're hired. You:

Your friend, James, has responded to your Twitter post. You want to respond directly to his comment, but, how do you let your other followers know that is what you are doing?

Stars should not use Twitter because:

If you don't respond to every text message you receive the second you receive it:

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