Specialty Weddings Quiz

by theonlyholger on October 23, 2010

Every one knows what happens at weddings, right? So, you’re an expert on overseas weddings, then, huh? How about military weddings? Put your skills to the test with our 10 question quiz!

At a gay wedding, if two guys are getting married, they both should wear tuxedos. If two women are getting married, they should both wear dresses.

If you are attending a wedding in Britain, more than likely you will go to a wedding breakfast after the ceremony. It's called this because:

While watching your daughter get married to a Navy officer, after she goes through the Arch of Swords, you notice the last groomsman on the right tap her behind with his sword and say, "Welcome to the Navy." You should:

Among the Masai in Kenya, when the bride leaves her family home to see her groom, she must not:

If the groom is a member of the US Marines, what should be used to cut the wedding cake?

What is the Greek tradition of Koumparo?

If you are invited to a destination wedding and are unable to go, do you still need to purchase a gift for the couple?

Which of the following should be taken into consideration when planning an outdoor wedding?

You're invited to a wedding in France, but, your invitation only requires your presence for dessert. You should:

A Southern belle like Scarlett O'Hara would faint if you didn't have one of these at your Southern wedding:

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