Table Manners Quiz: Do you Eat Like a Pig?

by Claire Valenty on October 16, 2010

Would you be able to hold your own at a high class society dinner? Would you even make it at your local Denny’s? Take our quiz to test your eating out etiquette savvy!

Your great aunt Sue is hosting a formal dinner party. She's a bit uptight, but, you are forced to go because she's family (and, it doesn't hurt that she's loaded - best to stay on her good side!). You should

Studying abroad in France this summer? How should your "French fries" be eaten?

What is the best way to teach your kids table manners?

Do you really know how to use chopsticks? sure? Ok, which one of these statements is correct?

In the USA, when someone asks you to pass the salt, you should:

When sending a dinner invitation, you should include:

Which of the following is not true when it comes to white dinner jacket etiquette?

Who should pay when you're on a date?

To tip or not to tip? That is the question when dining at a buffet restaurant. Should you:

When drinking sake, you should not pour your own drink. However, this rule is loosened up a bit:

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kaisoo November 15, 2012 at 3:04 pm

i’ve been told to rub my chopsticks together after i take them out of the package in order to sever off any split ends.

Julie August 6, 2013 at 4:16 pm

Ditto on the above comment. Re: dinner invitations; I have always indicated if a person may bring a date by addressing Ms Tammy Jones and Guest, and have always received my invitations thusly. In the event that no children are wanted at the affair, the bottom of the invitation can simply stae, adults only please. As for bringing a dish, the occasion should indicate whether that is appropriate, especially if its an out door, and or close friends gathering, I am sure most people ask what they can bring to almost all non formal event. By the same token, who wears formal attire while bringing in a tub of their grandma’s best potato salad recipe!

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