The Invitation and Gift Giving Etiquette Quiz

by Claire Valenty on October 23, 2010

Having a party? You need to send an invitation! Going to a party? You need to bring a gift! Test your party know how with our Invitation and Gift Giving Etiquette Quiz!

If you do not put your return address on the invitation's envelope,:

About how long before a wedding should "Save the Date" notifications be sent out?

If your wedding is a casual backyard affair, the type of stationary your wedding invitations are printed on should be:

What is a proper gift for your spouse when celebrating your 15th anniversary?

What is a traditional gift when attending a Bar Mitvzah?

What is the average amount you should spend on a graduation gift?

If you are a business owner, why is setting up business gift guidelines a good idea?

Around the holidays, when sending greeting cards from your company, you should put:

Your best friend, Sally, is getting married...for the fifth time. You are going to her wedding Saturday. Do you need to get her a gift?

When someone you know passes, it is it appropriate to send a gift to the family?

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