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by Claire Valenty on May 1, 2010

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Gym’s are crowded with people and you need to interact with them in a closed packed room. Learn more on how to best show-off your athletic skills without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Eating healthy and taking care of your body are essential for living a long and healthy life. Part of taking care of your body more than likely includes trips to the gym. Gym etiquette is crucial; not only can gym etiquette help prevent the spread of bacteria and skin diseases; but, it can also help prevent you getting your head bashed in from some fellow gym goer who is all riled up on steroids and is a little ticked you jumped on the treadmill ahead of him.

First, we’ll discuss the issue of cleanliness at the gym. More than likely, the part-time college students working at your gym are just lightly wiping the equipment down each day instead of giving it the good rub down it needs. Think of all of those sweaty bodies using it day after day. Yuck! Gym equipment is a haven for bacteria. Always put a towel between you and any seats or cushioned portions your body is touching; this will help prevent skin diseases such as ring worm. After your workout, wash your hands before leaving the gym. Do you want to carry that bacteria with you into your car and then your home? When you do get home, throw your gym towel in the dirty clothes (no reuse, recycle, reduce here) and then wash your hands again.

If your gym isn’t crowed, you do not need to worry about waiting for gym equipment etiquette. However, as more and more people jump on the get fit bandwagon (which is great!), gyms are becoming packed. Most cardio machines have a twenty minute time limit, if another person is waiting. Check to see if your gym has cardio sign in sheets or if you just simply stand behind the machine and wait for that person to hit the twenty minute mark. For the weight machines, if you see a towel draped over a machine, that means someone is using it. Even if it has been there for ten minutes and no one has approached that machine, do not do it. Most of the big guys at the gym spend hours there and see it as their social time. They are probably off talking to one of their friends, who, nine times out of ten, is also a big guy. Do you want to risk annoying them? I think not. However, if after twenty minutes that towel is still there and you really, really want to use that machine, approach the front desk and ask them if they know if someone accidentally left their towel. The front staff will take care of it, which, also means you do not have to touch a stranger’s dirty gym towel. Problem solved! Now, let’s get physical!

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theonlyholger May 5, 2010 at 6:06 am

I’m a regular Gym participant and nothing distracts me more from my workout then people that do not clean-up the machine after they used it. Thank you for pointing this out here.

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