Here Comes the Bride & Her Big Baby Bump

by Claire Valenty on January 13, 2011

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wedding bump etiquette

As the old song goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage”, but, that does not always happen in real life. Below are some tips to remember in relation to etiquette and the pregnant bride.

* First and foremost, just because someone is pregnant is not a reason to get married. Marriage is about love and duty; with just duty, it leads to divorce.

* If you are giving the bride a bridal shower, depending on when the baby is due and the time factor before the wedding, you may or may not decide to have it be a combined baby/wedding shower. Discuss it over with a few of the bride’s close friends and family members before hand to make sure a combined party is something the bride would want (I would definitely want two parties – and double the presents!).

* Just because the bride is pregnant, does not mean you rule out a bachelorette party. Obviously, it will not be centered around a drunken, crazy night out, but, the girls can all get together for a good time, still! There are spa parties, pole dancing classes, casino trips…use your imagination!

* The bride’s pregnancy should be viewed as another reason to celebrate. Even if they do have things a little out of order from the norm, the couple should not be punished or shunned for choosing to get married while the bride is pregnant.

* Do not think that the bride should not be married in white. We all know 99% of the people walking down that aisle certainly are not virgins, either. There is an archaic etiquette rule that says that if the bride is pregnant, the big wedding must be canceled and a smaller affair should be held in its place, with the bride wearing an off white gown. So not with the times! You will probably have more people notice if you do not wear white, and, there are some super cute maternity wedding dresses popping up all over the internet to choose from!

* If the bride’s pregnancy is a secret, don’t go and spill the beans after you’ve frequented the open bar a few too many times during the reception.

* You should give wedding gifts that are either from the couple’s registry or are wedding appropriate. It’s not about the baby!

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