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by Claire Valenty on April 8, 2010

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tipping holiday etiquette

When planning your holiday budget, don’t forget that holiday tipping is becoming more and more popular! Personally, I buy gifts for my friends during the holidays. I don’t give gifts/tips to those that I already pay AND tip for their services during the year. But, then again, I am a Scrooge. However, if you want to follow proper holiday tipping etiquette, keep these things in mind:

* Give your tip in December, prior to Christmas (or whatever holiday it is that you are celebrating).
* Always give a handwritten note with your tip. It does not have to be long; just a simple, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this year! Happy Holidays!” will do.
* If you can not afford an additional holiday tip, either don’t tip, or give a homemade gift, such as cookies or a little craft.
* If you do not feel, based on the service you are receiving or the relationship between you and the service provider, that Christmas tipping is warranted, then, do not do it!
* Do not feel as if you do not give a holiday tip, you are going to get bad service next year!
* If you still are not sure what you should tip, the best holiday tipping guide is to call the company the service provider works for (if possible) and ask if the company has any guidelines and what their workers are typically receiving from other customers in regards to holiday tipping.

For more specific holiday tipping amounts, check out our tip chart here.

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