Hot Tub Etiquette

Hot Tub Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on August 20, 2010

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Relaxing in a hot tub is great; until some idiot who doesn’t know proper hot tub etiquette comes along and ruins a good time.  Make sure you’re not that party pooper and read our article on hot tub etiquette!

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a hot tub?  Someone who has had a bad experience with someone who does not know hot tub etiquette, that is who! 

In researching this topic, I found a lot of fun-killing articles that advised to: refrain from having intimate moments in the hot tub with your partner; ask your guests to rinse out their swimsuits before getting in the hot tub to avoid laundry detergent reactivating and foaming up the hot tub; don’t take pictures of people in a hot tub; refrain from drinking alcohol in the hot tub; serve light finger foods while entertaining in the hot tub; take turns on the jets….BORING!  The first item is usually WHY you are getting in the hot tub; the second?  Your friends would think you lost your mind if you asked them that.  The third and six suggestions are ridiculous and the fifth is disgusting (who wants to eat while they are in the hot tub?).  The only one I kind of agree with is the fourth one (have you ever had a glass of wine in a hot tub?   That goes straight to your head!).  You can probably have a drink or two while in the hot tub, but, be very aware the heat makes the alcohol hit you harder and faster.  People have actually died in hot tubs from drinking too much and then passing out and drowning.

Bottom line for hot tub etiquette is: have fun and use common sense.  Don’t pee in the hot tub; don’t dump soap bubbles in the hot tub (unless it is your hot tub and you are prepared to deal with the damage; and miles and miles of bubbles); maintain your hot tub so it is enjoyable for your guests (algae is not cool); and, finally, don’t jump in the hot tub and splash everyone (it isn’t safe and everyone in the hot tub is trying to RELAX). 

Easy enough, right?  Now, let’s go soak (and be rebels and not wash our swimsuits out beforehand)!

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