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by Claire Valenty on January 30, 2010

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everyday internet dating etiquette

The internet has become not only a daily part of our lives, but a necessity. Combine that with the fact that people are waiting until later in life to get married, but, are too busy or unable to meet new people in person and internet dating was born. Anyone who has tried internet dating out even for a second knows that internet dating etiquette is essential, but, is very rarely followed. If only everyone would follow the rules; so much heartache could be avoided!

If you are married or in a committed relationship, do not attempt internet dating. Not only are you betraying your partner, but, you are hurting someone on the other end of that internet line. They are out there searching for “The One’ and you are setting them up for heartache. Even if you are doing it for “fun” and have no intentions of actually going on a date with them, you are wasting their time. And if you are doing it to see what is out there and if the grass is greener, then before joining an internet dating site, have a little human decency and break up with your partner if you are not that invested in them. The last thing they need is for one of their friends to tell them they saw your profile.

Be truthful on your internet dating profile. The goal is to actually go on a date, right? I hope you realize that means the person you are flirting with on-line right now will see you in the flesh. Not to say looks are everything, but, if your photo is from ten years ago and since then you have gained ten pounds on your belly and lost most of the hair on your head, you are setting yourself and your date up for failure. You want someone who is going to love you for who you are. Yeah, but the hot girl I’m talking to right now wouldn’t like me if she sees I’m bald, you might be saying. You don’t know that! She might have a thing for bald guys! It’s better for everyone involved to see what they are getting into first thing so there aren’t any feelings of disappointment or that you lied to them. For example, in your profile picture, you have long, flowing blond hair, yet, when you show up for your date, you have chopped it all off into a Posh Spice bob and dyed it black. You may still look great, but, your date is going to feel like they were misled – bad way to start a relationship. The same goes for lying about your age, height, measurements, likes, dislikes, etc. If the relationship progresses, they will find out the truth! And a relationship built on lies will cave in faster than a house of cards. You are great! Don’t be afraid to speak the truth!

People turn to internet dating as a last resort. Not because they are losers or anything of the sort. Maybe they work too many hours and do not have time to socialize right now. Or, maybe they just moved to a new city and don’t know anyone. Regardless of those reasons, someone joins an internet dating site because they want to find someone. Following these internet dating etiquette rules will make sure no one’s time is wasted.

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