iPad Etiquette: Social rules for the cool new Apple Gadget

by Claire Valenty on May 23, 2010

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Got the new iPad?  Don’t be a tool while using your new tool – use your iPad appropriately.  Not sure how?  Read on some easy rules on how, when and where you can use your iPad!

It may be brand spanking new on the market, but, we all know the iPad is the next gotta have for our society.  No one is really quite sure how it fits in to our day to day lives now, as it is part Smartphone and part laptop, but, as technology and its usage travels at light speed these days, I’m not worried that won’t sort itself out pretty quickly.  Naturally, as with anything used socially, there are etiquette rules specifically geared towards the use of the iPad.  Regardless of how the iPad ends up situating itself into our lives, below are some steadfast tips on iPad etiquette that will never change:

  • Be aware of the environment you are using your iPad in. Just like with a phone, it is not proper to use your iPad during a meal or when someone is trying to talk to you.  It just plain rude.  I am guilty myself of discreetly (ok, I think I’m being discreet) checking my phone for messages/emails during a conversation, but, how can you pull that off with something the size of the iPad?  However, unlike a phone, it is perfectly reasonable to refer to your iPad during a meeting, as it might contain your notes or reference materials (although, we all know you’re just playing Tetris to pass the time).  Also, if you are using your iPad to watch a movie in a public area, such as on an airplane, make sure you are holding it at an angle so as not to give the six year old behind you a great view of the sex orgy in “Eyes Wide Shut”.   Since the iPad can also be used to read books on, if you are not sleeping alone, have the courtesy to dim the light on the iPad so your partner is not kept awake by the electronic glow.

Keep your iPad clean. More than likely, especially as the uses grow, you will take your iPad everywhere.   It would suck if you were showing someone at work the quarterly report on your iPad, but, unbeknownst to you, they had the flu.  You then bring your iPad home and take it into the kitchen to use it to access a recipe on line.  Guess what?  You just brought all the icky flu crap into your kitchen.  Nice going.

Photo: flickr/Veronica Belmont

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