Multiple Wedding Showers = Multiple Gifts?

by Claire Valenty on January 13, 2011

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I am getting married later this year.  As I am not originally from where I live now, I will be having one bridal shower where I reside currently (for my friends)  and another for my friends and family back home the next time I am in town.  As it becomes more common for people to move all over the country, I am not alone in my multiple location showers.

Another situation is: your co-workers want to throw you a bridal shower lunch at work; your best friend is throwing you a bridal shower (and you do not want your family there as your friends tend to hit the sauce a little hard and get way out of control); and your aunt would love if her church group could give you a shower (perhaps a little bit more appropriate for your family).

While that means triple the cake and mimosas for you, what about your poor cousin, Amy?   She works with you, is also friends with your best friend and will obviously be attending your family bridal shower.  Does she need to buy you three presents?

The simple answer is: no; Amy only needs to give you one bridal shower gift, no matter how many showers you have, and she can choose which shower she wants to bring it to.

And in all fairness to your other guests who, like me, feel uncomfortable showing up to any event empty handed (even if you just gave them an awesome crock pot at the shower the week before), try to make multiple showers the exception instead of the norm!

For the situation above, where your friends might be a little too crazy for your family, let your best friend know the time for debauchery is the bachelorette party and the shower should be a little more low key and traditional.  That way, you can combine that group (maybe after filtering the guest list to get rid of the real wild girls) with your aunt’s church group to find a happy medium, narrowing down the parties to two (and you can still have wild fun with your girls…just later on!).

Besides, you definitely do not need an excuse to eat more cake – you are trying to fit into that wedding dress!

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