Protocol for Inviting Co-Workers to a Wedding

by Claire Valenty on November 22, 2010

in Wedding Etiquette

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We spend a good chunk of our day at work.  We meet people there where the friendships often extend outside of normal work hours.  So, you are getting married and want to invite these types of co-workers, but, not the ones that are just acquaintances.  How do you do that without hurting feelings?  Or maybe you do not have close friends at work and do not want to invite anyone from there.  Is that acceptable?  And will not inviting your boss hurt your chances for future growth within the company?  Our tips below should help you navigate through all of these questions and more with ease.

  • It is perfectly acceptable just to invite your “real” work friends.  These are the people that you socialize with outside of work (or would, if you did not work so many long hours!).
  • Etiquette states you should invite your immediate supervisor and their spouse.  The only exceptions are: if you work in such a large company with so many dotted lines leading all over the place that your boss would not even know who you are if they saw you; or, you have a really poor relationship with your boss and they make your life miserable.
  • If you have changed jobs recently and have only been at your new job six months or so, unless you became best friends forever with the woman in the cubicle next to you instantly, it is ok not to invite anyone from your new workplace.
  • If you are inviting every single person from your department except for one, in order to avoid that person feeling completely left out, you need to do the proper thing and invite them, too.
  • Do not use company intra-mail or email to send out your wedding invitations.  Not only is it not proper etiquette, but, it is tacky!

Those that are not invited probably know it is because of the huge cost of throwing a wedding these days and should not be offended.  If they are, they definitely do not fall into the friend category, anyway, and you were right for not inviting them!

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