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by Claire Valenty on January 30, 2010

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Yes, we all know the basic guidelines of social etiquette (whether or not we follow them is a different story): say please and thank you; cover your mouth when you cough; say excuse me when you bump into someone; and the list goes on and on. However, there are some special circumstances that require a little research. Lucky for you, we have covered some of the key topics here!

Elevator Etiquette – how to avoid being hated by a group of strangers when crammed into a small space

Etiquette Addressing Envelope – make sure your mail gets where it is going!

Bathroom Etiquette – just because everyone does it doesn’t mean there are not steadfast rules!

Internet Dating Etiquette – have fun, but, be safe!

Etiquette for Girls – sometimes being the fairer sex means following the rules to be a little more ladylike!

Etiquette Invitations – get your message across in a way that shows you are classy!

Kids Etiquette – have your family and friends cooing over your “perfect, little angels”!

Church Choir Etiquette – no show stealers here!

Social Etiquette – basic guidelines to cover any situation!

Sympathy Card Etiquette – to proper way to send condolences

Funeral Etiquette – pay your respects in a respectful manner

We also have:

Noisy Neighbor Etiquette

Etiquette When Befriending Your Child on a Social Network

Declining a Date Etiquette

Twitter Etiquette

iPad Etiquette

Ex-Etiquette When Dealing with Your Children

Etiquette for Avoiding a Head Count Disaster

Corsage Etiquette

Hat Etiquette

After you have reviewed these articles, let us know what you think! Some aspects of social etiquette are carved in stone, but, there are others that change faster than Lady Gaga’s hairstyles. Let us know if anything needs to be updated and if there are any other situations you would like some guidance with!

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