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by Claire Valenty on November 23, 2010

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princess etiquette

Sure, every little girl plays dress up and dreams of being a princess, but, even they know the chances of that really happening are incredibly slim.  Well, unless you are Kate Middleton, a commoner who recently became engaged to England’s Prince William.

Princesses are not born – they are made.  Whether by birthright or marriage, as the case is here, extensive princess etiquette training is mandatory.  Not only will the princess be scrutinized every time she appears in public, but, she also represents her country, meaning she must be on her best and most appropriate behavior at all times.  If she does not follow the proper protocol, literally millions will know and judge instantly.  Although we all strive to have good manners every day, we can not even begin to imagine the pressure poor Kate is under!

So, where does a normal girl like Kate begin?  Why, with a team of experts organized by the Royal Family, of course, who will teach her how to handle every single possible social situation, from meeting with visiting dignitaries to how she should handle a walk in the park, as well as what to wear to every occasion.  Kate will also be mentored by someone who truly knows the issues of moving into royal life as well as being a former PR master: William’s aunt, Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Counselors have also been brought in to help prepare the future Princess for the isolation she will most likely feel; not only will she be alone as her soon to be husband travels the globe fulfilling his duties, but, she can not drop her guard for an instance around anyone (there have been enough tell all books published about the Royal Family for them to know no one can be trusted).  The counseling is hoped to combat the depression that occurred after William’s mother, Princess Diana, married Prince Charles.

The etiquette training and counseling began even before the engagement was announced.  Kate’s first etiquette duties have involved learning the ins and outs of William’s household and the expectations of her.  The training will progress from there and even continue after the official wedding takes place.

As scandal after scandal rocked the Royal Family in year’s past (Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce; the conspiracy surrounding Diana’s death; Prince Charles’ marriage to the woman who caused his divorce; Fergie’s indiscretions), they have lied low long enough for the cloud of doubt that hovered over them to dissipate a little.  This marriage sees the return of the Royal Family to the public eye and their future rests entirely on Kate’s shoulders; no doubt, she will be compared to the infallible Princess Diana in everything she does.

Best of luck, Kate!  The world is watching you…all the time!

For more details on how the big day will roll out, please read Royal Wedding Etiquette 101.

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teresa collins June 21, 2012 at 7:59 pm

kate i feel you have done a great job your life must be exciting

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