Thanks, but, no Thanks – I Don’t Want that Wedding Gift!

by Claire Valenty on January 27, 2011

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By the time your actual wedding rolls around, you may have not been able to wait and have already gone out and bought some items from your registry.  Or, maybe you received a particular gift at your bridal shower and the same exact thing at your wedding.  And there is always a least one relative who goes rogue and buys you a…who knows what, but, you definitely do not want it.

What is the proper way to deal with unwanted wedding gifts?  Here are our top six tips:

  1. Create a thorough gift registry at several stores in varying price ranges to prevent this dilemma.
  2. No matter whether you love it, but, already have it or hate it and plan on accidentally dropping it soon, always graciously thank the giver and send them a thank you note.
  3. If you plan on regifting the item, attach a post it note securely to it so you do not mistakenly give it back to the person who gave it to you or someone close enough to them that word would get back to the giver.
  4. If you already have the item, never tell any party you received the item from (even if there are five people who gave you the exact same thing) that the one you returned was theirs.  You are happily using their gift in your new home.  Which really isn’t a lie; you probably did use the money you got back on the return to purchase something else you are using!
  5. If the giver ever comes over for a visit and inquires as to where their gift is (for instance, if they gave you a picture or sculpture), it is perfectly acceptable etiquette to say you are saving it to display after a remodel or you are afraid the children will knock it over when they play and you are saving it for when they are older.  These little white lies are ok!
  6. Return the unwanted gifts as soon as possible to ensure there are not any issues with the various stores’ return policies.  Hopefully, you will get lucky and your guests will include gift receipts.

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