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by Claire Valenty on April 9, 2010

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tipping concierge etiquette

Tipping concierge staff is very closely tied with tipping doormen, so this article will deal with both.

Tipping concierge staff is only required if they are doing something for you, such as booking a restaurant reservation or obtaining theater tickets for you (keep in mind that you still need to pay them for the actual tickets!). $1-$2 per person dining or attending the event is an appropriate tip. However, this is directly related to how high end the hotel is. Obviously, if you are staying somewhere that is $700 a night or more, it’s a good idea to bump up that tip rate to $10-$20 per person. And, if your concierge is able to get you sought after tickets to a sold out show, they have done you a huge favor and have definitely earned a $10 per person tip for their efforts. If you are simply asking for directions or their opinion regarding a local restaurant, then a tip is usually not given.

Tipping doormen usually only occurs during the holidays. At that time, it is appropriate to give them anywhere from $10-$80, depending on how many doormen service your building; giving a bigger tip those doormen that personally help you out more. No matter what the amount, the tip should be given to the doormen in a card with a handwritten sentence or two thanking them for their assistance throughout the year. Another time when it is appropriate to tip your doormen is if they hail a cab for you. One to two dollars is sufficient. If you’re waiting out in the rain and doorman holds an umbrella up for you, a couple bucks more for their thoughtfulness goes a long way in reminding them that their efforts are appreciated (and will keep you dry in the future!).

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