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by Claire Valenty on April 8, 2010

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tipping hairdresser etiquette

When tipping hairdressers, the amount of money you are going to need to shell out depends on a few factors. How much to tip hairdressers is the norm, you ask? In general, if you are happy with what your hair looks like, tipping hairdressers the standard 15% for a great job and 20% percent for an amazing job is perfectly acceptable. Ladies, we all know what a pain it is to find a great hairdresser who knows the cut, color, style, etc. that suits your look and your lifestyle AND who manages to take your vague description of, “I kind of want it to look like this, but, a little different here and maybe a little different here, and…I don’t know!” and turn your hair into a work of art. Tipping hair stylists shows them how much you appreciate them making you look fabulous!

Although rare these days, some salons do have a separate shampoo person. Usually, they are an intern at the salon. If someone besides your hairdresser gives you a shampoo (I would only tip if they gave you a massage simultaneously), then a $3 tip is customary. This can either be given directly to the shampoo person in cash before you leave the salon or you can let the front desk know what portion of the overall tip belongs to the shampoo person.

Personally, my hairdresser makes me look great, but, she also charges me an arm and a leg. I have plenty of friends that are hairdressers and I know how it works (more often than not); the hairdressers rent a space in the salon. Everything they make is their own money (the salon doesn’t take a percentage). Hairdressers may say that they have to pay for their own benefits, too, but, these days, don’t we all? Tipping hair stylists on top of their sometimes crazy prices pains me, but, it is a necessary evil. Finding a good hairdresser is like finding the perfect fitting jeans; they are rare and you want to hang on to them. Tip them, but, if you have to stick closer to the 15% area because of your budget, I wouldn’t feel guilty at all!

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