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by Claire Valenty on April 7, 2010

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tipping housekeeping etiquette

Personally, tipping housekeeping is something I don’t do, but, as I’d been assigned this article, I had to do some research and was amazed at the debate that is taking place over this topic! On one hand of the issue, there are the folks who know housekeepers at hotels make more than minimum wage and they are not paid based on their performance through tips, as wait staff are. On the other end, you have people stating what a rough job housekeeping is and that they deserve $3-$5 per room cleaned. In my mind, if you are a housekeeper in a large hotel and you are cleaning enough rooms to fill up an eight-hour day and on top of your higher than minimum wage salary you’re getting $3-$5 per room, then I am in the wrong business!!! That’s making bank!

I do understand that cleaning is not fun, but, that is their job. There are no “degrees” of cleanliness in a hotel room. There are government regulations clearly stating what is clean and what isn’t. End of story. So, for me, in this instance, you shouldn’t tip someone for doing their job. However, if they bring you up something you requested (an extra blanket, a toothbrush, etc.), tipping maids a dollar is the norm.

However, if you insist on going against my advice and believe tipping housekeeping is something you should do, then make sure you leave the money someplace obvious (like on the bed) with a note saying, “For Housekeeping. Thanks!”, so the housekeepers don’t get accused of stealing. And make sure you’re tipping maids daily, not at the end of your stay, as housekeepers have days off and after a three night stay, you may have had three different people clean your room. You don’t want one person making off with all the loot!

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