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by Claire Valenty on April 9, 2010

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tipping massage etiquette

Most people go to get a massage to relax. How can you relax when you are worried about tipping massage therapist etiquette? After reading this article, you will be a massage therapist tipping expert!

There are two reasons for going to see a masseuse: either you are indulging yourself and want to ease your body’s tension; or, you are using it as a form of physical therapy to correct a muscle or pain issue.

If you are going to a spa or the like to get your massage, then tipping massage therapist etiquette states you should tip 15-20%, depending on how good the session went:

* Did the masseuse listen to what you want, as far as intensity of massage and type?
* Did the masseuse inquire about any problem areas they should focus on or avoid?

Spas provide envelopes at the front desk when you are checking out. You are then able to discreetly put your tip in the envelope, seal it up, address it to your masseuse with your name on it and hand it over to the receptionist.

As some spas are recognizing the irony of having to stress out about tipping right after you have had a relaxing massage, they are doing away with tipping. These salons either pay their massage therapists more or offer their masseuses discounted room rentals, if that is how they conduct their business. If the spa has a no tipping policy, they might also add to price of the massage to be able to pay their staff more.

If you are receiving massages for medical reasons and they were prescribed to you, no tip is necessary.

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Thomas Dragt August 22, 2015 at 9:54 pm

You use the term “masseuse” this is a gender specific term for a FEMALE massage therapist. As a MALE massage therapist I find this a very sexist assumption. In the future please use the gender nuetral term “massage therapist”. Thank you

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