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by Claire Valenty on April 9, 2010

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tipping postman etiquette

During the normal course of a year, tipping postmen is extremely rare. In fact, as postmen are government employees, tipping mail carriers may actually get your mail delivery person in trouble, as the government has very strict rules about what their employees may and may not accept as gifts.

A couple of my family members are postal service employees. I know they get paid very well, have amazing benefits and a great retirement fund. Yes, they work hard, but, don’t we all? Maybe back in the day where everyone knew each other in the neighborhood and all the stay at home moms would great their mailman with a smile every day and the mailman addressed everyone by name, tipping mailmen would have been more appropriate, but, these days, do we ever even see our mailmen?

However, if, around the holidays, you want to tip your mailman, keep these rules mailmen must follow in mind:

* Postal service employees can never receive cash or any form of cash (check, mail order, etc.)
* Gifts received must have a retail value of less than $20.
* If the employee receives perishable items (flowers, chocolates, fruit, etc.) worth over $20, the employee must share those items with their coworkers.
* Snacks and beverages may be accepted as gifts as long as they are not part of a meal.

If you want more information or more specific guidance on this issue, you can always contact the postal department ethics line at 202-268-6346. They will be able to help with specific examples and circumstances.

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