Top 10 Etiquette Tips for Wedding Ushers

by Claire Valenty on November 22, 2010

in Wedding Etiquette

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You have been asked to be an usher for your friend or family member’s wedding.  You are honored they wish for you to be a part of their special day, but, what exactly is expected of you?  What do you have to wear?  Here are some tips for you!

  1. You will be instructed what to wear.  Sometimes, this means you will be dressed in a tux like the groom and groomsmen.  Other times, this means you might be dressed less formally in a suit and tie.
  2. Arrive at the ceremony location about 45-60 minutes early.  You will be responsible for showing the guests where they should sit, so, you need to arrive before they get there.
  3. Smile and be friendly!
  4. You can show the guests to their seats either by offering your right arm to the oldest woman of the party you are escorting or by simply leading the group by walking ahead of them.
  5. The bride’s friends and family sit on the left side; the groom’s friends and family on the right.  Of course, if one side fills up faster, it is ok to sit people on the other side.
  6. If you do not know which side of the venue the guests belong on right away, it is perfectly acceptable to ask if they are there for the bride or the groom.
  7. You should be notified before the ceremony of which family members should be seated in the front row.
  8. After the mother of the groom is escorted in, you or the best man will be responsible for seating the mother of the bride in the front row.
  9. Once the groom and best man are at their position in the front, you may be seated.  You should sit in the last row to assist latecomers and, if necessary, to open the door for the couple at the conclusion of the ceremony.
  10. After the ceremony, when the wedding party has walked out, you will help direct the guests out of the venue, starting with the front rows and working back.

After the ceremony, your responsibilities are done, but, don’t forget you’re considered a member of the wedding party.   Make sure you’re around for photos and you may need to sit at the head table.

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