Top 10 Tips for Stuffing Wedding Envelopes Properly

by Claire Valenty on November 22, 2010

in Wedding Etiquette

wedding envelope etiquette

You figured out who you want (or need) to invite to the wedding.  You picked out and/or helped design the perfect wedding invitations.  Now you just need to pop them in the mail and inform the masses!  Since most weddings usually do involve “masses” literally, you need to put a good system in place to ensure you are handling stuffing your wedding envelopes most effectively.

  1. Enlist the help of some friends or family.
  2. Address the envelopes first so your writing does not mark anything inside; include a return address on the outer envelope.  Don’t forget about addressing the inner and response envelopes, too!  They response envelopes also need a stamp.   And if you have friends helping, make sure one person is doing the addressing.  It looks weird when there is one type of handwriting on the main envelope and another on the response envelope.  Now, on to the invitations!
  3. If your invitations were received flat, fold them.
  4. If your invitations included tissue paper, place that over the writing of your invitation.  Depending on the style of your invitation, the tissue paper will either lie on top of a non-folded invitation, or will go inside a folded invitation.
  5. Next, place the reception card on top of the tissue paper (again, either inside the card or on top of a non-folded invitation).
  6. Tuck the response card in the flap of the response envelope (not actually in the envelope) so the writing on the response card is facing out.  This should then be placed on top of the reception card.  If the invitation is a folded invitation, the top of the response envelope should sit in the fold of the invitation.
  7. Place the map/direction card on top of the response card/envelope combo.
  8. Place everything you have bundled together in your inner envelope (usually, this is the envelope with the colored liner.  Place the fold of your invitation in first, if applicable, with all of the writing facing towards the back of the envelope.  This way, when the envelope is opened, your guests will see the writing first.  Leave this envelope unsealed and do not tuck the flap in.
  9. Place this inner envelope inside the outer envelope, with the guests’ names facing the back of the outer envelope (again, so when your guests open the outer envelope, the first thing they’ll see will be their names.
  10. Seal the outer envelope (either the old fashioned way with a lick or with a seal on the tip of the envelope flap) and move on to the next one!

If you have a large number of guests, you might want to set this up like an assembly line production.

More Sources: How to Stuff Wedding Invitations - 728x90 banner

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