Twitter Etiquette for the Stars

by Claire Valenty on June 20, 2010

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Twitter Etiquette for the Stars means hand over your Twitter account to the professionals.  Find out why stars are ruining their careers by oversharing in our article.

For those of us that are mere mortals, the tips found in our article on Twitter Etiquette will be sufficient.  However, stars live by a different set of rules than us mere mortals (if you haven’t figured that out by now, sorry for blowing your mind).  That is why we have this special article for Twitter Etiquette for the Stars.

Stars should not have a Twitter account.  Well, they at least should not have a Twitter account that they run themselves.  Stars hire publicists and public relation companies and spend thousands of dollars a year on their services for a reason; these specialists have spent years in training to figure out how to create the best image for their client.  Stars, on the other hand, lose whatever common sense they were born with the more time they spend as a celebrity, as their world is so completely removed from real life.  If a star has a Twitter account, it should be managed by their reps and be used for announcements pertaining to the star’s professional life, and, rarely, for their personal life announcements, if applicable.

Unfortunately, TMI (Too Much Information) is commonplace with stars and their abuse of Twitter.  We have Ashton Kutcher tweeting pics of Demi Moore’s butt, Jim Carrey’s inappropriate tweets on the Tiger Wood’s situation and Lindsay Lohan’s public war with her father, with blow by blow accounts on both of their Twitter accounts.

Yes, it is nice to know that celebrities are humans, too, but, deep down, do we really want to admit that?  Isn’t thinking a celebrity is better than us with their glamorous lifestyles part of admiring them?  Do we really want to know they have the same issues as us and that money, fame and fortune don’t cure all?  I think not.

So, for the sake of us mere mortals, and, hey, why not your career, send your Twitter password over to your PR company and let them earn those thousands of dollars you pay them each year.   The same goes for politicians – Utah’s Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, placed himself in the line of fire (irony not intended) after tweeting he had given the go ahead for an execution by firing squad.   Unless you’re someone like Kevin Smith, who uses Twitter to update his fans on his films’ progress as well as keep us entertained with his funny quips, because he’s an ENTERTAINER.

Photo: 123rf/Andrejs Pidjass

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