10 Rules to Master Twitter

by Claire Valenty on May 17, 2010

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New to Twitter and not sure you are doing it “right”?  Have you used Twitter for awhile and you are slowly but surely losing followers?

Read on and learn how to:

* … keep others interested in your tweets.

* … not get in trouble with your co-workers and/or family members.

Do you like to tweet?  Keep your popularity up on Twitter and your subscriber number always growing by following the correct Twitter etiquette.  Regardless of what you might think, most celebrities on Twitter are not following proper Twitter etiquette, so, do not follow their examples!

1) Make sure your Twitter name represents you. Whether you tweet just to keep your family informed or to promote your brand, tie your Twitter name in to that concept.

2) Complete your bio. Your followers want to know who you are!


4) When replying to a tweet, direct your tweet at someone with “@their name” and then your response. Put details into your response so people can follow the conversation. If you do not want everyone else knowing about the conversation, do not conduct it on Twitter.  Duh!

5) Take interest in your followers and do not make it all about you! But, this does not mean you need to follow every single person who is following you!

6) Check your account often. If you are going to sign up for Twitter, use it!

7) Remember everyone in the world can see your tweet! Do not open yourself up to getting robbed by tweeting you will be on vacation for a week, when you had tweeted a couple of weeks ago where you live!  Also, everyone you work with can see your tweets. You have been warned!  Consider your audience when deciding whether to swear or not.

8) It is generally not liked when you use auto responses.

9) Do not tweet excessively! Your followers do not need or want to know that you just finished your breakfast toast.  And now you are drinking your coffee.  And now you are contemplating another piece of toast.  You catch my drift.

10) Be yourself! Use this amazing technology to get your true self out there and make some new friends!

* … make new friends!

Photo: dreamstime/Gan Hui

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