Wedding Etiquette – When Should I Cash the Gift Checks?

by Claire Valenty on December 20, 2010

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wedding check etiquette

Getting checks for wedding gifts is great; especially these days when people are waiting longer to get married and usually are fully stocked household wise – finding things to put on the registry then is hard!  Receiving checks means you can put that money towards exactly what you want with no one judging your taste or desires.  But, should you go straight from the reception to the bank to cash that check?  Should you wait until your first anniversary to make sure you are actually going to make it as a couple?

If you receive a check as a wedding gift prior to your nuptials, you might think it is proper etiquette to wait until the actual wedding has taken place before cashing the check.   However, most guests who have given checks to new couples have voiced concerns about this.  If you wait to cash the check, they might think you never received it.  Even worse, if a considerable amount of time has gone by, they might have forgotten about the check and when you do cash it, you cause their account to be overdrawn.  So, the best practice is to cash the check as soon as you receive it (whether this is before, during or after your wedding).

And, as with all gifts received prior to the wedding, do not forget the thank you cards!  As for when you send them out, that is up to you.  Some say it is more polite to send them first and then cash the check; others say it is fine to send a thank you up to two weeks after cashing the check.  Stick with whichever way feels more comfortable to you.

If you receive any gifts and send thank you cards prior to the wedding, make sure you also send a thank you note after the wedding if the giver is also attending the event.  Traditionally, wedding guests give their presents at the reception, so there is need for only one thank you card.  However, as more items are ordered on-line and delivered prior to the big day, sending a thank you card when receiving the gift and another after the wedding neatly closes off the whole cycle.

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