Wedding Gift Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 26, 2010

in Wedding Etiquette

wedding gift etiquette

Basic wedding gift giving etiquette states unless specifically requested not to by the bride and groom, you always give a gift, even if you are unable to attend the wedding. The average amount to spend is around $75 per wedding gift etiquette, but, if you have a tight budget, it’s ok to spend less, and if it’s someone you are very close to, it’s ok to spend more.

As more couples are getting married later in life, they often have everything they already need, which brings up the issue of wedding gift etiquette cash-wise. If that’s the case and you don’t see anything on their registry that you would like to purchase for them, a gift card or cash is always appreciated. Wedding etiquette gifts 101 mean the couple won’t look a gift horse in the mouth! For wedding shower gift etiquette, an item from the registry can be bought (the price range is usually any amount under $50) or any personal item you think celebrates the new couple’s love (a candle, a book on marriage, a photo frame, etc.)

The internet makes shopping for the bride and groom a breeze. The wedding invitation will include information on where the couple is registered. Simply get on-line, put in their information, chose something from their registry and click and ship. Done. The vendor will even gift wrap the present for you. If you bring a gift to the wedding, leave it in the car until you hit the reception.

For the bride, make sure you have a table set up right at the entry way to your reception for your guests to place their presents. You won’t have time to open your gifts until the day after your wedding (and, if you’re leaving for your honeymoon the next day, probably not for another week). Make sure someone responsible in your bridal party will be in charge of the presents and will take them home until you are ready to unwrap them. When unwrapping your presents, make sure someone is making detailed notes on who gave you what. This list will be invaluable when writing your thank you notes! - 728x90 banner

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