Wedding Menu Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 26, 2010

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wedding menu etiquette

Nothing can skyrocket the cost of your wedding like the wedding menu. And, oddly enough, nothing is less memorable to your guests than what they ate. Wedding menu etiquette states to keep that in mind when deciding what you want to serve at your wedding. There is usually so many other things going on that the guests won’t care if they’re eating rib eye vs. filet mignon or chicken breast with mushrooms vs. chicken breast with truffles. The only item this doesn’t apply to is your wedding cake. Your wedding cake is an expensive necessity, but, definitely a necessity. Do not scrimp here as your guests do judge your wedding on your cake!

As for menu items, to keep costs down and things simple, it is best to limit the choices to one beef and one chicken/fish. This will keep almost everyone happy. Not only that, but, the majority of caterers will throw in a small number of vegetarian plates for those who do not eat meat. Asking guests to give their choice when they RSVP is the best way to collect this information if you are having a sit-down dinner (which is also an easier way to crowd control then an often chaotic buffet line).

In addition to the main entrée item, the caterer will either have a set menu for soup, salad, etc. or will let you choose what you wish to serve (the former tends to be cheaper). The caterer will provide the silverware, glassware and dishware. These are being rented to you and if you take them at the end of the night, you will be charged. However, most caterers will not charge you for accidental breakage by your guests.

You are not under any obligation to order your wedding cake from the same vender catering the dinner, unless the caterer you choose has that in their contract. Some venues will force you to use their caterer, so, keep this in mind when booking your venue. - 728x90 banner

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