Wedding Proposal Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 26, 2010

in Wedding Etiquette

wedding proposal etiquette

You can’t imagine living without your partner and you love them in every way (even when they’re grumpy and disheveled first thing in the morning). You’ve been thinking more and more about “forever” and you’ve realized you’re ready to pop the question. While there are no set rules regarding wedding proposal etiquette, you might want to consider the following:

1) Are you ready to marry this person? Think long and hard before you propose. This is not a heat of the moment event. Broken engagements are painful not only for the couple, but for all of their friends and family that were excited for your new future together. Hint at getting married before hand and don’t even think about proposing until you know for sure your partner is on the same page as you in regards to marriage. If they aren’t ready, yet, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever be, but, you proposing now instead of later could end the relationship.
2) Where will you propose? It’s always romantic to choose someplace meaningful to you both (where you shared your first kiss, your favorite restaurant, oh – and Paris works for anyone).
3) Will you ask her father’s permission for her hand in marriage? This depends on her relationship with her family, but, out of respect, it is best to ask.
4) Do you want others there when you propose? Make sure you know she’s going to say yes if you invite others to witness the event!
5) Will you let her pick out her engagement ring? Please do. Yes, it would be nice to surprise her, but she’s going to have it forever – make sure she likes it. Go window shopping before you propose and get a general idea of what she likes (check out our tips here). Have the ring ready to go when you propose. It makes the moment more special instead of, “Yeah, we’ll get your ring later”, which will be a letdown to your new fiancé. The second she tells her friends she’s engaged, the first thing they’ll demand to see is her ring.

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