Wedding Thank You Etiquette

by Claire Valenty on January 26, 2010

in Wedding Etiquette

wedding thank you etiquette

Wedding thank you etiquette is simple: do it. And don’t wait too long before sending out those thank you cards for your gifts! Everyone knows you went on a honeymoon, so thank you cards are usually not expected until a couple of weeks after the wedding. Both the bride and groom should undertake this task.

The wedding thank you card should acknowledge the gift received (which is why it is very important to keep a detailed list of who gave you what while you’re unwrapping your gifts), how thoughtful it was or how much you are looking forward to using it and to thank them for attending your wedding and that their presence was greatly appreciated. Yes, you will probably be writing the same thing over and over again (just addressed to different people and with different gift items), but, your guests aren’t going to compare thank you cards. Please, please, please hand write these notes (simple thank you cards bought at the drug store will do) and mail them. Do not make the mistake of emailing your thank you cards. It may be fast and easy for you, but will be seen as tacky and cheap by your guests.

Also, it is a great idea to send out extra special thank you cards to your wedding party. Thank them specifically for something they did during the wedding planning, ceremony or reception that made your life easier and your special day all that more wonderful. Your wedding party will appreciate the recognition and it might help them forget your bridezilla days where they were yelled at for not holding their bouquets at exactly ninety degrees during the entire hour long post wedding photo shoot. Maybe. - 728x90 banner

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ruth November 26, 2011 at 11:21 pm

Is it proper to send a wedding thank you to the parents?

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